Thursday, January 20, 2011

If You Give a Midget an Apron...

Yesterday, Wendy was putting on her impossibly small apron to "help" me cook.  After she got it on, she said to me, "If I ever meet a Midget who doesn't have an apron, I will give her mine."  Now isn't that thoughtful?  Where did she hear about Midgets, and what made her think about them at that moment?  I would love to take a peek inside her head, as I'm sure some of her comments aren't as random as I think, but rather fully thought out and logical.  Right?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cancun Adventures

Now for the report of our trip: The flight there went great. The kids were completely prepared with backpacks full of things to entertain themselves (They each carried their own!). We left home in heavy coats and boots, and arrived to about 85 degrees.

Our hotel was everything I hoped. It was just fancy enough, had ocean view balconies, and it was impeccably clean. The staff were friendly and plentiful. My favorite was the griddle chef, who made me delicious, original egg breakfasts every morning, with a wide, friendly smile. I wish I remembered his name.

The beaches were amazing! The most beautiful I have seen yet. Every morning our big decision was: "Which first, the pool or the beach?" It was always a hard decision.

There was lounging to do,
Seashells to collect,

Waves to watch and jump over,

Sand pyramids to build,
And a lot of pondering to do.

But it wasn't all play. There were also handstands to execute perfectly,

and pyramids to climb. Everyone except Nicole mad it up the 130 foot Nohoc Mul pyramid. She made it half way up then turned around to look down and got freaked out. She lamented the rest of the trip that she "wished she would never have looked down."

Did I mention the company was great too. The first night after the girls were asleep, I went into their room and opened their balcony so they could hear the sound of the waves. The next morning, I asked everyone how they slept, and Wendy replied, "I didn't sleep well because someone left the ocean on all night!" You have to love kids.

This was such a great trip! It had the right mix of adventure and relaxation with the benefit of kids who are old enough to be easy and add to the fun, and a husband who is always a fun and supportive person to hang out with. There is never a dull moment. All in all, I would not change a single thing.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wishes for the New Year

I've thought long and hard about my wishes for 2011, and here they are, two simple requests:
  1. World Peace
  2. Obedient Children

Is that too much to ask?