Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Helfrich Happenings

Since the last post was so long ago, I want to do a brief update. Christine sold about a zillion Girl Scout cookies and got signed up for her first ever summer camp.  She chose a Girl Scout camp in a beautiful Idaho town called McCall.  This particular camp is a water camp that includes swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and anything else water, which suits her perfectly!  Amber broke her arm and it got better just in time for her to qualify for state gymnastics and get 6th place.  Great job Amber!  Nicole is preparing for her theatrical debut in the first grade musical called, "Go Fish".  We are anxiously awaiting the performance.  Wendy had Kindergarten registration yesterday.  I explained to her that they were going to ask her some questions and she should either answer the question or tell them she didn't know.  When she responded with a very puzzled expression, I asked her if she had a question and this is how the rest of the conversation went:
"Well Mom, I understand everything, but I'm just not sure which face I'm supposed to use."
"What do you mean which face?"
"I mean, am I supposed to use my happy face, or my grumpy face, or my surprised face, or my mad face?  There are a lot to choose from."
"I suppose you can choose which ever face you want.  That is really up to you."
After we finished and we were back in the car, I asked her which face she decided to use.  She demonstrated it and it looked exactly the same as she looked all through the test...her serious face.  The girls are doing great.  They are awesome, each one of them.  I'll have to save the happenings of the adults for a later post, as bed time is nearing and I have to go round up everyone from the various corners of the  neighborhood.