Monday, August 13, 2012

The Beach-August 12th

Today, we packed up camp and headed west once again. After a long stop in Portland for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and a little shopping, we were on our way to Cannon Beach.  Cannon Beach is a family favorite but none of us have been here for seven years. The Oregon coast has a way of keeping you in suspense. As we got nearer and nearer, we were all longing for that first glimpse of the ocean. Since the coastal range and all of the trees are so near the coast, that first glimpse eludes you curve after curve after curve. Finally, we saw Haystack Rock and the enormous ocean ahead. No matter how many times I see the ocean, it never ceases to overwhelm me. We rushed through check-in (our first and only hotel of this trip), put our cooler food into the tiny refrigerator, packed a small dinner and our sand castle tools and headed straight for the beach. The kids were full of excitement and pure joy. They ran as fast as they could through the sand toward the waves. Once we reached the water, I think everyone was shocked at how cold it was. The kind of cold that makes your bones ache. However, that did not stop any of us from enjoying our time. Shells were gathered, waves were chased and jumped, and holes were dug. We enjoyed our first ocean sunset as we frolicked in the sand and icy water. We can’t wait to go back for more tomorrow.

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