Monday, July 28, 2014


When we planned this trip, we had grand visions of natural wonders, family and friends, seeing exotic places, and meeting interesting people.  We did not envision hardship.  Hardship, however, did come.

The first night, we set up camp to failing light with a squadron of dive-bombing mosquitoes.  The second day, while climbing Mt. Evans, we needed to do over a mile of bush-whacking through a mucky bog. The third day, we walked through Chicago without a shower since Rexburg.  The fourth day we weathered an intense rainstorm randomly looking for a place to stay while a tornado raged only 20 miles away.  During each of these trials, I never once heard the girls complain. Never once!

We did not plan on any of these trials, but they came nonetheless. Each time the girls displayed their can-do attitude, each time they shrugged off discomfort, each time they helped out their sister who was struggling, they became just a little bit stronger. I am coming to realize that possibly trials are an integral part of this trip and, quite possibly, a part of our life.  It is more important to weather these trials well rather than to simply run from them.

If only I remembered that when a semi drifted into our lane and almost smashed us against the barrier.  I saw it coming and took evasive action.  Unfortunately I let a word slip... which one of the kids overheard!  We spent the next ten minutes talking about defensive driving and how we need to do all we can to keep ourselves safe, even when we are obeying the rules and others are not. Trials tend to become excellent teaching opportunities,,, when we let them.

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  1. Love this post. It's these kind of experiences that build memories. You'll always remember some of these "trials." Thanks for posting some of the less-monumental aspects of your trip.