Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michael Jackson Comes Out of Hiding

I was in late elementary school when Michael Jackson was really popular, and I was also a dancer. The timing of these two things made me a big fan. I made up dances to at least a half dozen of his songs, and even had a Michael Jackson doll. While his behavoir went decidedly down hill, a soft spot remained in my heart for his music. Despite his odd and disturbing couduct, I think most of his later songs are just as good.

After I got married, James wouldn't let me buy any of his music because he didn't want to take part in funding the bad things that money would be spent on. Shortly after MJ died, a box set of his music arrived in the mail. Thank you James. As soon as I played the music, Wendy became a fast fan. She would tote around the book that came with the set and ask me several questions about him every day. She even asked me if he went to heaven...luckily that's not for me to decide! Soon she had a few of his facts memorized and was singing the words to his songs. Since the only button she knows how to push on the CD player is the play button, we would often listen to the same disk four times in a day, until I got so sick of it, I went and changed the disk. Still, she requested it every time we put in music, which, around here, is a lot! After a while, everyone (except Wendy) got so sick of it (we also got tired since you can't listen to his music without dancing), we had to ban it for a month. That month is up and just today we have listened to two disks. She just can't get enough. It is a funny sight to see her singing and dancing to music that was popular when I was a kid. Get ready for a dance duet, Wendy and I and the return of the "Beat it" dance from years and years ago, and long live Michael Jackson!

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  1. How many of those made-up dances do you remember? Out of the half-dozen? And how much would you charge to perform them (with Wendy, of course) for the family?

    Here's a thought for extra cash - see if they'll hire you to do a show at James' reunion! It's SO 1990!

    The image in my mind of you and your daughters dancing to Michael Jackson is enough to keep me joyful for the next couple weeks!