Friday, August 15, 2014


Aug 9th-11th

Our time in Maine was both frustrating and satisfying. We planned to take the coastal route on our way up to Acadia NP in order to experience the quaint coastal towns and see some iconic lighthouses. Our plans were thwarted by stop and go traffic-with an emphasis on the “stop.” We decided to head inland for a faster route, which was a disappointment. However, Acadia National Park was fabulous! The Precipice Trail was a great experience for everyone. It is known to be the most challenging trail in the park, and Wendy did it with style and ease. The views were breathtaking, and the trail was interesting at every turn. NOT for those who are afraid of heights! As a bonus, there were wild berries everywhere. I’m not sure whether we burned more calories or consumed more in berries.

We also got to hang out on the rocky beach, investigate some tide pools full of ocean life, eat lobster in all forms (whole, bisque, stew, roll, ravioli…), and do some shopping and exploring in Portland.

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