Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Watkins Glen, NY

The Gorge Trail-843 stairs are on this trail. We did it twice!

This may or may not be our second Ben and Jerry's for the day.

The reproduction of a picture we took 3 years ago.
Aug 17th & 18th

We got up early to break down camp, shower, and make it to church in Lake Placid, about an hour and a half away. Against all odds, one of us lacking a shirt, and all of us donning wrinkled clothes, we made it to the church building with 15 minutes to spare. After a nice service, we continued on our way.

When we arrived at our campground in Watkins Glen, we realized how much the wet and cold had been wearing on us. We recognized it because for the first time in a while, everything was dry. The ground wasn’t muddy, the picnic bench wasn’t damp, and the air felt a bit warm. It was really a refreshing change. We arrived around dinner, and after camp was set up and dinner was eaten and cleaned up, we went for a long walk; just enjoying the pleasant weather. The next day after Breakfast, we walked down to the Gorge Trail then into town to wander around until lunch. We took the Gorge Trail back up to our campground and found the location of a photo we have hanging in our house from three years ago. We reproduced the picture then continued back to our campsite. The afternoon was spent swimming and doing laundry (Thanks, James!).

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