Friday, August 15, 2014


August 13th & 14th

Up until today, we have had excellent weather.  We narrowly missed a thunderstorm on Mt. Evans, instead having perfect temperatures and a gentle breeze.  We had great weather in Indiana and, though we had a horrible thunderstorm in Ohio, it was a travel day so it did not matter.  Philadelphia, New York, and Boston were not too hot.  Even the rain we had on Cape Cod was perfectly timed.  This all changed in New Hampshire.

As we approached our campsite, dark and heavy clouds moved in.  The ranger told us of 100% chance of rain the next day so, as we set up camp, we made sure the flies were on well.  This did not prepare us for the deluge that hit us on the 13th.  It started raining then, as the day progressed, it got worse and worse.  We cowered in an abandoned mall to read, watched a movie, then searched the small town for something to do in a tent.  Just before darkness fell, we floated to our campsite expecting to see the worse.  All the tents were ok so we crowded into our tent to play Monopoly until we fell asleep. 

It rained the next morning and we had enough!  We packed soaked tents into our roof rack and got outa dodge.  Remarkably, it was sunny a few miles down the road.  We dried out our tents as we ate breakfast and made a plan.  After being cooped up for a day, you can imagine how anxious we were to move!  Rachel and the girls did a medium hike paralleling a series of waterfalls.  James did a ridge climb.  It turned out to be a great day. 


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