Sunday, August 17, 2014


August 15th & 16th 
Mt. Philo, VT

"It's boring if you can't run!" -Wendy
The view of Lake Champlain

Vermont is one of the most beautiful states.  The interstate is deserted, snaking through green mountains.  Each town is small, nestled beside a river with a single white church steeple in the middle.  The first stop was Joseph Smith’s birthplace.  There is such a sweet spirit there.  Next we went to a cider press and Ben & Jerry’s.  That place is sweet for a completely different reason.

Our campground was on the shore of Lake Champlain.  We spent our second full day in Vermont climbing a short mountain (Mt. Philo), visiting a farmer’s market (Yum), and downtown Burlington.  To be honest, the main purpose to visiting Burlington was to go to a Ben & Jerry’s shop.  This had nothing to do with the previous day’s tour, I promise!  Of all the towns we visited, of all the campuses, Burlington and U. of Vermont were my favorites. -James

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