Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Five

Chicago.  It is always fun to be in the city again.  We only encountered one problem-our minivan with the roof rack on top was too tall to fit into most parking garages.  We actually thought we could fit into one, but after getting pretty far into it realized we were too tall.  It’s a good thing James has some refined backing skills because he had to back all the way down while I ran interference and stopped traffic in the front.  Street parking it is!  Chicago was exciting, especially since we found an “American Girl” store.  The girls were in heaven.  We had Chicago style deep dish pizza for lunch and walked around until we got a good taste of the city.  I’m pretty sure the people walking behind us knew we were from out of town because the kids kept stopping to stare up at the tall buildings.  Then it was time for the Shedd Aquarium.  We have been to some excellent aquariums in the past, and this doesn’t rank among them, but it was just about right for the amount of time we had to spend.  We got hotdogs and ice cream at a roadside stand (don’t worry, I had some fresh fruits and vegetables in the car for later), and then we left Chicago.  Next stop, Detroit.
States we have driven through so far:  Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.
Tip of the day:  We had each kid carry their Camelbak packs with a small snack in them.    This allowed them to drink on the go, and keep cool while walking around the city.    

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  1. I really need to follow you in my atlas... gotta go get it! The parking debacle sounds stressful, but it sounds like you saw some great places in Chicago.