Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Three

24th July

Badlands, Minuteman Missile Site (another Jr. Ranger Program), and driving.  Badlands National Park was interesting, but it was very hot outside and we felt like you could see most of it just as well from the car, so we only made two stops.  One bloody nose and stomach ache later, we reached the Minuteman Missile information center.  It was very informative and worth the short stop.

Things we saw after we left the badlands: farmland, grassland, the Missouri River, hills, corn fields, wind farms.

Things we didn’t see after we left the badlands: mountains, tall trees, turns in the road.

We planned on eating dinner at Sioux Falls and Christine insisted we eat Italian.  Nelda (our GPS) took us to one restaurant that had closed.  The second was about to close but they let us in for a final order.  We ordered three plates of pasta and two pizzas.  When the food arrived (it was 9:00pm and we hadn't eaten a real lunch that day), everyone was very quiet and no one complained about the food.  At the end of the meal, Rachel said "you know, I think that was good."  We ate so quickly no one took the time to taste the food (and I think our dishes could have been passed off as clean and put directly on the shelf).

Tip of the day:  For everyone, make it a point to purchase and consume fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible.  It will help keep things running smoothly despite the camping food and eating out.  No one wants to be all stopped up.

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  1. I'm glad you have Nelda. And restaurants. And the wisdom to know fresh fruits and veggies can be your friend on the road.