Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Six and Wisdom from the Backseat

We stayed at a hotel in Dearborn, Michigan.  It is a suburb of Detroit and home to the Henry Ford Museum.  It's definitely worth a visit.  It has everything from cars, trains, and airplanes, to furniture and farm equipment.  It even has the very bus Rosa Parks sat on and refused to give up her seat to a white man.  There was a whole museum village outside that we didn’t even get to.  You pay for the museum and village separately, so I recommend one or the other unless you have a whole day and don’t have a five year old.  We left the museum and headed toward Canada and Niagara Falls.  The town reminded me a lot of the Las Vegas strip because of all of the lights, music playing on the streets and crowds of people.  We kind of had to race through because it was getting dark already and we had a couple of hours left to drive.  The falls were amazing and we left just as they lit them up in rainbow colors for the night.

As we were driving I overheard a conversation in the back seats that caught my interest.  It turns out that two of our kids used to think there were three genders.  One thought the genders were boy, girl, and half boy, half girl (which she thought she was because she looked like a girl but sometimes liked to play with boy toys).  The other thought the genders were boy, girl, and clown.  I decided it would be best to not delve into the psychology behind that one, but instead just be happy they are now all in agreement that there are only two genders.
We made a decision to stop short of our next scheduled camping sight at Watkins Glenn State Park because it was late already.  So, we stayed at a hotel along the road and fell asleep immediately.  So far, I think our pace has been a little too aggressive. 
 In front of an old race car at the Henry Ford Museum
Niagara Falls

Tip of the day:  Have a bucket, bag, or bin with a cheap vinyl tablecloth, some wet wipes, and picnic supplies easily accessible for a quick roadside lunch or snack.  We brought our 3 gallon water cooler so we always have a fresh supply of water on hand for drinking or washing fresh produce.  When you see a nice spot, take it.  There might not be another nice spot anytime soon.  

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