Monday, July 25, 2011

On the Road Again

We’re off!  We left the house at 5:10 am and headed toward Jackson as the sun rose.  When we got to Jackson, we ate breakfast at the Bunnery.  The food was good and we enjoyed a sophisticated conversation about owning your own restaurant and putting a whoopee cushion under people just before you sat them down.  No one could decide whether that would increase or decrease business (I have a pretty good idea).  That topic brought up what would happen if the Queen of England passed gas.  They determined that it would have to be publicized, and they would embed the toot in the newspaper in scratch and sniff form.

From Jackson, after we crossed the mountains and left them behind us, the “real” Wyoming came into view.  What a harsh place.  The temperature was in the upper 90’s, but there were snow fences all over, indicating a lot of winter snow.  The wind was howling and we passed places with names such as “rattlesnake hills”, “poison spider road”, and “hell’s half acre”.  We drove through with the minimal amount of stops, but we did need to eat lunch.  We ended up in Casper at a park that was promptly nicknamed “poo park” due to its proximity to a wastewater treatment facility upwind of us.

We made it to Devil’s Tower just before sunset.  It was worth it.  It was bigger and more impressive than I expected, and by that time it had cooled off enough to walk the trail around the bottom.  There was a huge boulder field around the base which made it possible for the girls to take the path of most resistance.  Instead of staying on the paved trail, they climbed every rock along the way.  No one complained about the distance because they were distracted by the rock climbing.  It was great after being cooped up in the car all day.  Next stop, Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

Tip of the day:  For women, pack a sports bra or bikini top to make it easier to wash up (mostly) modestly at the water spicket without getting your clothes wet.

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  1. Kevin would have appreciated Poo Park, due to his line of work. He may even just appreciate that you recognized it. I am SO glad you are posting your adventure!!! I am so excited to hear all about it - please don't stop. And I think you should add tips at the end of each one like you did! :)