Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Four

The morning after our first hotel room.  Ahh, that felt good.  The bed and the shower and the lack of set-up were all a nice change.  We drove through most of Minnesota in the dark, so I didn’t get to see much of it.  We stopped at LaCrosse, Wisconsin to take a dip in the Mississippi River and have lunch.  The kids played and swam in the river for about an hour then we continued our drive.  Wisconsin is beautiful.  Our route took us pretty far off the beaten path so we got a taste of the countryside.  Beautiful, lush green rolling hills with a combination of farmland (mostly corn), and forest.  The landscape was probably the stereotypical farm scene you would picture with the farmer’s house alongside his fields and matching barns and out buildings, red with white trim.  there was no evidence of irrigation anywhere.  Rest stops were called waysides, and there were lots of cheese stands along the road.  
We camped at Harrington State Park, near Lake Michigan, but we didn’t swim due to the e coli and dead fish strewn about the beach.  We also had our first encounter with lightening bugs.  The girls thought they were pretty cool, and they caught several who called one of our tupperware bins home for the night.
Tip of the day:  If you play at a beach (even for a short time) with e coli and dead fish, make sure you all wash your hands before eating finger food for dinner.  

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  1. REALLY loving the tips of the day. Just wish I could see a photo of that nasty beach... it's probably worse in my imagination!
    Thank you so so much for posting your trip.