Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day Nineteen

Everyone was sad as we pulled away from Karen’s house, and Wendy cried the first 30 minutes of our drive.  They were excited for our next stop, which was the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  Especially since their funds were somewhat replenished due to their labors of nuts and laundry as well as a gift from Karen. There was also a surprise envelope from Jack and Linda, not to be opened until we got to DC.  This turned out to be some spending money for the kids as well, so they were starting to feel rich again.  

The drive became a bit treacherous due to a long-lasting downpour of rain.  There was standing water and lanes closed as well as branches down and several accidents.  In Baltimore, however, the sky was clear and it was fairly hot.  The aquarium was excellent.  It was worth the stop for sure, but I personally think the Vancouver, BC aquarium is better.  By request from Wendy and Nicole, we had sushi for dinner then continued our drive to the home of our friends, the Morris family, in Maryland.  They have four boys, roughly the age of our girls, and lived near us in Seattle.  It was a happy reunion, and the kids were fast friends, after not having seen each other for five years.
Tip of the day:  Keep in touch with good friends.  You never know when life might bring you back together again.  

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