Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Twenty-Five

15 August
Liberty Jail.  We got a fairly early start, which made us happy because we had a lot of driving to do and this gave us the chance to get a bit ahead so we could spend more time in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Our goal was to get to Lincoln, NE and spent the night in a hotel.  We had a short stop planned in Liberty, MO to visit Liberty Jail.  It was a great stop and left me pondering a passage received by revelation there:  “For behold many are called but few are chosen, and why are they not chosen?  Because their hearts are set so much on the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men...” (this is paraphrased from memory).  It is a scripture I am very familiar with, but I never really considered the differences between being called and being chosen.  I wonder how many times I have been called to do something but not chosen because my heart was not in the right place.  
The drive went smoothly until the interstate had a big “road closed” sign.  There was no indication of how long (or where) the detour was, so we just followed the other cars.  After going east, not the direction we wanted to go, for about 15 miles we started getting worried.  It turns out the Missouri River had some significant flooding starting two months ago and large parts of I29 were under water.  We ended up going clear up to Omaha, where we were able to cross the river and get back on course.  We were still able to go more than 100 miles past Lincoln, then we called it a night.
Some silly names from today’s drive:  whispering winds cemetery (sorry, but that’s just creepy), Drury Inn (Sounds too much like dreary), Fatso’s Diner (Um, what exactly would draw someone there?), Grumpy Gringo (a Mexican Restaurant), Wahoo (the name of a town in Nebraska), I won’t even get into the adult superstore names, whose billboards littered the roadsides everywhere, but their names were also a bit ridiculous.
Inside Liberty Jail
Tip of the day:  Don't commit yourself to a tip of the day.

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