Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Thirteen

New York City.  Once we crossed the Lincoln tunnel into the city, I thought I was going to have a heart attack due to the stress of city driving (even though James was driving).  These people are truly crazy and fearless.  We could not park the car soon enough!  Even if you have been to NYC before, it is still shocking.  The traffic rules are different here.  I’m pretty sure no one follows the two second rule (It’s more like the 2 inch rule), and there are people everywhere.  The buildings are so tall, Central Park is so big!  Everything is exceedingly crowded, yet no one really talks to each other.  It was a relief to get to our hotel and send the car away with the parking attendants, not to be seen again until we leave the city.  
After getting settled into our hotel room, we headed off (on foot, thankfully) to Central Park.  It truly is an amazing park.  The kids played for a long while then we left for Fifth Avenue, just as it started to rain.  We made it to FAO Schwarz without getting too wet.  We spent the next hour or so wandering through.  When we were ready to leave, it was still raining.  Have you ever made a purchase you were unsure of, but then it really paid off?  Before our trip, I bought some rain jackets for all of the kids.  Because it doesn’t rain much in Rexburg, I was unsure whether the purchase would be worthwhile.  Now I can safely say that even if we don’t use them again on this trip, it was worth it.  Everyone stayed dry, which allowed us to continue our adventures.  We continued on to Times Square as it got dark and had dinner at an Italian restaurant.  We wandered around the shops for a while, bought a few I love NY shirts then called it a night.  
Amber flipping in Central Park

Wendy and Nicole climbing the rocks in Central Park
Tip of the day:  Don’t drive in NYC!!  If you do have to, remember to periodically take 10 cleansing breaths to avoid dying.

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