Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Twenty-Four

14 August
The tour of Andrew Jackson’s home near Nashville was quite interesting and educational.  The girls came to the conclusion that he is a bad man after learning about his position on slavery and the “trail of tears”.  It was a good example of how life was on a large southern plantation.  It was a self-contained property which raised its own produce and meat.  The household ate 300 pigs each year.  I realize they had a lot of visitors, so fed people other than their own family but that is nearly one whole pig each day, and they used all but the snout...just a bit of interesting trivia.  Once we finished our tour, we were back on the road toward Cuiver River State Park in Missouri.  We were determined to get camp set up before dark to avoid another near disaster.  
This time, we arrived with plenty of sunlight left, and the fire started immediately.  The park was nice, one we would like to return to if the occasion arises.  It has a nice swimming area and beach, which we didn’t get to use.  The campground was nice, with grass and trees around.  At night, we got some raccoon visitors.  They didn’t do any harm, but we were glad we had packed all of the food into the car like good little campers.  
Tip of the day:  Don’t stay at a Super 8 Motel.  It was awful.  There might be a clean one somewhere, but I will never know.

A common sight.

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