Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Twenty-Six

16 August
Arrival at Rocky Mountain State Park.  We camped in Glacier Basin Campground and for those who care about such things, the bathrooms are fabulous.  They are clean, the toilets flush, there is NO odor, there is soap in them, and did I mention they are clean?  The sites are a bit close together for my taste, but after being in New York, it felt spacious.  We arrived early enough to get camp set up, cook dinner and get everything and everyone all cleaned up before it got dark.  Then we went to the ranger program at the amphitheater, where we all froze.  Did you know there are no grizzly bears or wolves here?  Both disappeared from the area around 1920.  They are hoping that some of the grey wolves from Yellowstone will find their way here.  Our campground is at 8500 feet, so we had our first taste of a real cold night since camping back in Idaho before our trip.  It was actually a bit refreshing.  
Their Junior Ranger books were never far from sight.

Dinner at our camp site.
Tip of the day:  If you are planning on hiking much here, give yourself a couple of days to get used to the altitude.  It is high!  We were fine, but our hikes were short and not too strenuous.

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